Solutions for service providers

High-technology billing for service providers

Development of telecommunications market places new requirements to software infrastructure of a telecoms operator. Enlargement of a subscribers base, growing branch network, unique tariff policy, new modern types of services, are challenges, which can be overcome only with the help of high technology software solutions. Quality of subscribers servicing, possibility to get additional profits, increase of income, and survival and development of a telecoms operator in general, depend on efficiency of these software solutions.

It is becoming more difficult to maintain customers loyalty, and business competition requires constant updating of services. Struggle for increase of revenue from one subscriber (ARPU) and improvement of customers service quality move to the forefront in the telecoms operators work.

Software of Inline Telecom Solutions are convergent solutions, which help operators to attract and retain customers, by providing modern services at appealing costs, including additional content. Flexibility of these solutions allows to carry out quick implementation, and wide functional possibilities to increase satisfaction of customers and ensure their loyalty.

Realization of the solution

The convergent billing solution B&CC Billmaster enables multiservice telecoms operators to provide and account services, using a unified billing solution for this purpose. These can be services of wire (xDSL, Ethernet) and wireless (WiFi, WiMax) access to the Internet, voice services over the IP-protocol (VoIP) and traditional telephony (PSTN), access to multimedia content.

Provision and tariffication of these services can be ensured according to the advance scheme (prepaid) with authorization and tariffication of subscribers over RADIUS, or according to the credit scheme (post-paid) with tariffication of subscribers by means of those protocols, which are intended for collection of information about IP-traffic inside a network (Netflow, SNMP, Remote Shell (RSH), NetSream and others) or according to records about provided services (CDR, UDR and others) with the possibility to get detailed information on each subscriber.


Due to wide integration possibilities B&CC Billmaster can function with network and telephone equipment of different manufacturers (Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, Avaya Definity, Siemens, Ericsson, EWSD, etc.), as well as with third-party software solutions (SoftSwitch, Middleware IPTV, Mobile WiMax AAA and others).

Flexibility and module architecture of the multiservice solution allow to smoothly exclude support of those services, which are not provided by a telecoms operator. Such approach is important for operators, who concentrate their development on a particular type of services, for example, WiMax or xDSL, as well as in cases when the process of development needs a new, flexible and reliable solution in addition to the existing billing.

More information on realization of specific solutions based on B&CC Billmaster can be found in the following sections:

Fulfilled tasks

Usage of a billing solution based on B&CC Billmaster allows multiservice operators to fulfill the following tasks:

  • tariffication of provided services in real time with the possibility to control money on personal accounts of subscribers;
  • accounting and tariffication of provided services according to different billing schemes: advance payment (prepaid), credit payment (post-paid) and combined;
  • usage of a Web-portal for self-service of subscribers;
  • one joint bill for all services provided to a subscriber;
  • expansion of functional possibilities of billing solutions, which are already in use;
  • realization of a card platform for provision of different services;
  • improvement in quality of provided services due to flexibility, wide functional abilities, performance and reliability of the multiservice solution;
  • improvement of subscribers loyalty: attraction of new customers and keeping of existing ones by diversity and high quality of provided services at appealing tariffs.
Advantages of the solution

Inline Telecom Solutions offers a convergent billing solution to multiservice telecoms operators, which allows to provide high-quality telecommunication services to subscribers due to high flexibility, reliability, scalability and lage functionality, and thus increase efficiency of their business, improve competitive advantages.

There can also be pointed out the following advantages of this solution:

  • complete solution, which includes accounting and tariffication of services, customers self-service interface, joint bill, tariffication in real time;
  • high flexibility, which allows to quickly implement a new tariff policy using advance, as well as credit billing schemes, and large possibilities for marketing activities and promotion of services;
  • module structure, which allows to use only those functions, which are required at the present moment, best cost of the solution, thanks to the possibility to use only required functions;
  • possibility of integration with equipment of different manufacturers and different software.