Solutions for data centers

Modern billing for data centers

Popularity of data center (DPC) services grows from year to year, which fact is conditioned by the necessity to increase efficient activities of companies due to optimization of the IT-infrastructure, decrease of IT-projects payback time, reduction of operating costs, etc.

Inline Telecom Solutions offers a product based on B&CC Billmaster, developed taking into account specific character of services, provided by DPC. The Billmaster billing ensures automation of business processes of accounting and tariffication of provided IT-services with the required level of quality.

B&CC Billmaster allows to organize accounting, tariffication and billing of services, based on the information about quantity and quality of IT-services, provided by DPC. In case, when a DPC provides services to third-party companies and enterprises, billing is used for tariffication of services and issuing of bills. If a DPC is used as a corporate IT-resource, then this billing can be used to estimate the IT-resources cost within the prime cost of a product or company’s service.

Realization of the solution

The solution based on the Billmaster billing allows to flexibly organize accounting and tariffication of services, provided by a DPC, such as:

  • lease of data transmission channels;
  • lease of server equipment resources;
  • connection to the DPC network;
  • Internet access.

Wide functional possibilities of the system allow to flexibly control one-time as well as periodical charges of funds from personal accounts of customers for provided services, and take into account other parameters (traffic volume, time). Services of Internet access can be tariffed on the basis of traffic volume, used by customer’s equipment, which is accounted with the help of the SNMP-protocol.

Due to openness of the offered solution and its wide integration possibilities there is the possibility of "seamless" integration with third-party software products, which are used in DPC.

Main components, which are included into solutions for DPS:

Solution for data centers

The leased lines module ensures accounting of Internet access services in case of permanent connection via the leased line. For gathering the information about traffic there are used external collector-programs. They interact with network appliances through protocols, which are intended for collection of information about IP-traffic inside a network (Netflow, SNMP, Remote Shell (RSH), NetSream, etc.) and record the information about the volume of provided services into files, which are then processed and tariffed.

This solution includes collectors for picking of the information about traffic via SNMP and Remote Shell (RSH) protocols. The first collector reads the information from the managing information base (MIB) of network appliances, the second – receives Cisco IP-Accounting statistics. For interaction over the NetFlow protocol there are used collectors of third-party manufacturers, for example FlowCapture collector, included into the popular package Flow-Tools.

The module of network resources inventory is designed for accounting of network resources (ports, telephone lines), due to which fact it is possible to quickly obtain data about used and available resources, estimate the possibility of new customers connecting. Besides physical resources, there can be registered any countable indexes, for example used and available IP-addresses.

In the billing solution offered, this module allows to secure interaction with network appliances over the SNMP protocol, and automatically block or unblock customer interfaces depending on the balance of customers.

Fulfilled tasks

Usage of the billing based on B&CC Billmaster allows DPC to fulfill the following tasks:

  • accounting and tariffication of provided services in real time along with control of funds on subscriber’s personal account;
  • tariffication of provided services according to different billing schemes: advance (prepaid), credit (post-paid) and combined;
  • accounting of IT-resources of a company and assessment of their part in the prime cost of products or services;
  • "seamless" integration with program solutions of third-party developers, used in DPC.
Advantages of the solution

Inline Telecom Solutions offers a complete billing solution for data centers, which allows to provide high-quality services, increase efficiency of business and competitive advantages due to high flexibility, reliability, scalability and wide functionality.

This solution also has the following advantages:

  • complete solution, which includes accounting and tariffication of DPC services, customer’s personal account, joint bill;
  • flexibility and high performance, which allow to work with large volumes of data and complex tariff schemes;
  • large possibilities for drawing of bills, possibility to independently "build" required reports;
  • accounting and optimization of usage of company’s IT- resources;
  • quick adaptation of solution to individual needs of a client, if necessary;
  • possibility of integration with different software, used in DPC.