Support service

The technical support center provides the full-scale support of B&CC Billmaster, operated by the customer. In addition, the technical support center provides services of intermittent monitoring and optimization of the system used. For purposes of B&CC Billmaster service support there is used an inherent network laboratory, which meets all current standards and is one of the best laboratories on the territory of Russia.

After initiation of the system into service the customer will be able to use a standard service support according to the schedule "8 hours 5 days a week (8ű5), without visiting the customerís site". This form of service support offers to customerís specialists consulting services concerning operation and maintenance of B&CC Billmaster during working hours without visiting of the customerís site.

In the situation, when the customer business imposes larger requirements to parameters B&CC Billmaster functioning, when the cost of "idle time" or potential damages in case of data loss are high, services, which are provided within standard service support, need to be expanded. Expanded services support Ė is the solution of any problems, connected to functioning of B&CC Billmaster on the 24-hour basis (24ű7).

Service support during the first year of B&CC Billmaster operation is obligatory and is included into the distribution kit. Within service support, during the first year there is also conducted training of customerís specialists for administration of B&CC Billmaster.

In the process of service support the customer may use additional services, such as:

  • visiting of the customerís site by a technical expert;
  • insignificant modification of the system upon customerís request;
  • configuring of the operation system of the server equipment, where B&CC Billmaster operates;
  • "fine" tuning and functional optimization of DBMS, used for B&CC Billmaster operation;
  • organization of B&CC Billmaster DB backup;
  • additional training of customerís specialists, etc.

Service support of B&CC Billmaster is carried out on the basis of service provision regulations, which reflect the order and conditions of provision of such services. The function of the instrument of customerís interaction with the Technical support center is fulfilled by the information system (case-system), which allows Technical support center specialists to promptly respond to customer requests, herewith all the work is documented, and requests may be escalated, if necessary.