Migration to B&CC Billmaster

The team of developers and experts of Inline Telecom Solutions has a large experience of designing, creation and successful implementation of billing systems for provision of a wide range of telecommunication services by telecoms operators.

This practical experience allows the company to carry out projects on migration of billing systems from third-party developers to B&CC Billmaster. Besides, migration projects can be fulfilled for earlier versions of B&CC Billmaster in case of their updating and extension.

Migration is carried out with the purpose to transfer clients data from a solution, used by the customer to the current version of B&CC Billmaster, and is performed through preparation of a transit (migration file) of a special format, which contains the required volume of information about a subscriber and volume of provided services, existing services, tariff plans, balances of subscribers accounts.

Migration from earlier versions of B&CC Billmaster

Necessity of migration from earlier versions of the billing system Billmaster can arise in the following situations:

  • subscribers base of the operator significantly increased, and the older version of the billing system cannot cope with the volume of processed information;
  • a telecoms operator expands the structure of telecommunication service provision, and for tariffication of such services new B&CC Billmaster modules are required. It can be updating of the whole installed version of the billing system, as well as additional installation of required modules;
  • an operator is interested in expansion of additional possibilities of the billing system (development and realization of complex marketing campaigns, usage of bonus programs, etc.), which were not provided for in the previously installed version.
Migration from billing systems of third-party developers

The need for migration from billing systems of third-party developers to B&CC Billmaster can arise in the following cases:

  • a telecoms operator had an individually developed billing system, which is out of date and does not satisfy requirements of performance, reliability and convenience of use any longer;
  • the customers base of the telecoms operator significantly increased, the installed billing system is not designed for it and it is required to install a billing system with higher performance characteristics as to subscribers;
  • a telecoms operator is interested in installation of a convergent billing system, which will allow to carry out tariffication of different traffic in B&CC Billmaster;
  • a telecoms operator expands the range of services it provides, and the installed billing system of a third-party developer does not allow to perform tariffication of all new types of traffic.