Software integration

Software and hardware infrastructure of telecommunication companies, which use in their business modern software solutions, is distinguished by significant complexity and diversity. In such conditions there inevitably arises the need for integration of diverse software components in a single solution.

We offer services of effective software integration with customers business processes. During initial stages of such projects there is performed analysis of customers needs, analysis of existing software and hardware complex, its possibilities and characteristics. Then it is being found out, which additional software tools are required for the customer, and how they shall be integrated with existing systems.

Specificity of the integration project also depends on business needs of customers, who use B&CC Billmaster. Within the integration project there can be fulfilled optimization of information interoperability of systems, translation and unification of heterogeneous data into the most popular and convenient formats (for example, XML), analytical and statistic means of system performance monitoring, etc.

Integration of different applications, which automate separate areas of telecoms company activities, allows to solve many problems, which include:

  • necessity of double data input and their replication in different systems;
  • impossibility to automate the "through" business-processes, which "go" over several information systems;
  • problems with consolidation of data from different sources for generation of management reports.

Within development of the information system there is being solved the task of joint operation of third-party systems and other programs with B&CC Billmaster, particularly:

  • integration of in-house developments and solutions with existing B&CC Billmaster modules;
  • joint usage of client information within B&CC Billmaster operation, as well as for other (statistic, analytical, monitoring) tasks;
  • connection of installed B&CC Billmaster modules to other similar systems of third-party developers or with their separate modules, as well as with billing programs of custom development;
  • connection of the billing system Billmaster with the general infrastructure of a customer, including not only different software tools, but also different hardware.

In addition, development of the integration system allows companies to:

  • synchronize data of different software products;
  • provide complex automated support of business-functions based on joint functioning of many software applications, which are used in the company (resulting from merger and acquisition deals, inner restructuring and other reasons);
  • automate complex business processes, which cover diverse information systems and data bases of a company;
  • increase the quality of data for making of management decisions in situations, when the information, which is critical for business, is distributed among a variety of systems;
  • reduce launching time of new products/services, by minimizing the volume of required changes in information systems used;
  • decrease the time for preparation of scheduled reports.

Herewith there are decreased work-hours of software users due to single input of information and integrated circulation of documents, work-hours, connected with operation of systems. The number of errors during interoperation of application system decreases, time and cost of implementation and integration of new application decrease, and there is ensured saving of IT investments.