Software development

Besides implementation and improvement of the automated billing and customer care system (B&CC) Billmaster we provide a full range of services on designing and development of complex software solutions.

Emersion of new technologies and business models leads to continuous changes and reorganizations in the telecommunications field. Network convergence, accent on delivery of information and services, implementation of new standards these are some of the recent tasks, which telecoms companies face.

When deciding between commercial ("packaged") product and development of a custom solution, operators (companies) follow many different considerations. When the idea to buy a ready product and thus solve all problems at once appears to be tempting, in reality, not everything is that simple. In some cases a commercial product cannot solve companys tasks "out of the box" and requires additional expenses for setting up and customization.

A team of developers of the automated billing system (B&CC) Billmaster creates efficient, scalable IT-solutions in the sphere of telecommunications, which are targeted towards realization of customers current and future oriented business tasks.

The company has extensive an knowledge and skills, large experience in development and designing of complex software solutions in the sphere of accessing, tariffication and accounting of provided services. A group of technical experts and service support is able to solve different problems and issues, related to functioning of the automated billing system Billmaster and telecommunication equipment used.

Tasks fulfilled

Tasks which are fulfilled by custom software development:

  • development of an individual software solution for automation of complex, original business processes;
  • projects, related to integration of Russian and international information systems;
  • automation of activities of separate subdivisions within geographically distributed companies;
  • improvement and development of existing information systems.
Approach used

During software development we strictly follow specific rules of work organization:

  • goal setting identification of required tasks, functioning conditions and other requirements to software;
  • concept formation identification of functions and requirements to software use;
  • software development writing of the program code, adjustment, testing and documenting of software;
  • operation testing assessment of software correspondence to the concept, ease of use;
  • implementation commercial commissioning;
  • technical support support in solution of tasks, which are connected to software operation;
  • improvement realization of new requirements to functionality of software, improvement and updating.
Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise of the software solution Management team are described below:

  • Operation systems:
    • Linux;
    • SUN/Solaris;
    • FreeBSDLinux.
  • Data base management systems:
    • Oracle;
    • MySQL.
  • Programming languages:
    • Java;
    • JavaScript;
    • C/C++;
    • Perl.
  • Technologies:
    • J2EE, J2ME;
    • HTTP(s), DHTML, XML, HTML.
  • Server platforms:
    • IBM, HP;
    • Sun Microsystems.
  • Telecommunication equipment:
    • Cisco Systems;
    • Sun Microsystems;
    • 3Com;
    • IBM;
    • Siemens;
    • Nokia;
    • Telindus;
    • Motorola;
    • Samsung;
    • ZyXEL;
    • Nortel;
    • Huawei.
  • Application servers:
    • WebSphere;
    • WebLogic;
    • Apache;
    • Open source solutions.
  • Development methods:
    • RUP methodology;
    • Extreme programming.
  • Certificates:
    • Cisco Systems;
    • 3Com;
    • Oracle;
    • Sun;
    • Siemens;
    • IBM;
    • Microsoft.