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Peculiarities of development and support of billing systems


The times, when billing systems were limited to accounting of traffic and its multiplication by the cost of one hour of Internet access or a megabyte of traffic, are now over.


"MFI Soft": telecoms operators report growth of users’ interest in IP-telephony


"MFI Soft", the Russian developer of information and communication solutions, summarized  the international polling of telecoms operators, which develop new generation networks. In the research, which was carried out in the end of 2009 among customers of "MFI Soft", participated more than 100 operators, including about 40 companies from Russia and the CIS.


Billing&CRM – a tandem for a modern operator.


The modern communications market is at the stage of rapid development, most of operators change over to multi-service networks of a new generation, Wi-Max and Wi-Fi technologies became widespread. Requirements of the market oblige providers to change over to convergent communication services, which causes the same rapid development and improvement of automated billing systems, used by operators.


ITG (INLINE Technologies Group) in the CNews Analytics rating: "Largest IT suppliers for telecoms operators"


Even in the situation of cost reduction telecoms operators "spare" their IT to the extent possible – and remain ones of the most attractive customers for integrators. Over 2008 revenue of a number of large companies from the CNews100 rating, received from IT-projects in Telecoms, showed more than 100% growth. Though they do not account on such a pace today, they can focus on services of support of complex IT-infrastructures created.


ITG holding: 2008 results


ITG (INLINE Technologies Group) holding announces official results of its business in 2008 fiscal year (ended – March 31, 2009).


Billing system against a telecom market evolution background


Which stages of evolution the billing system has passed already? How role of billing system is changing in the telecom service provider business? What's happening with the billing system against a telecom market evolution background? What are the stages of billing system evolution within the project? You can find answers on these questions and much more information about billing system development in new article of Dmitry Boginskiy - Director, Software Solutions Division, Inline Telecom Solutions published in one of the leading Russian Trade Magazine.


Dmitry Boginskiy: "TeleEvo 2007: exploring new standards and business support solutions paves the way to effective operations of contemporary telecom provideновых стандартов и средств управления бизнесом – эффективная деятельность оператора связи 21 века"


TeleEvo 2007 in Moscow proved that Russian telecom market is developing fast and matching the contemporary telecom global trends.