Implementation of B&CC "Billmaster" at the joint venture "UNITECH" (Uzbekistan) Ц new opportunities for further stable growth


In the "UNITECH" company (PLATINUM CONNECT trademark) there was successfully implemented the billing and customer care system (B&CC) "Billmaster".


Proactive administering of the billing system "Billmaster" using the monitoring system "Storemaster"


"Inline Telecom Solutions" has successfully completed implementation of the monitoring system "Storemaster" at OJSC "Centr Mezhdunarodnoy Torgovli", the purpose of which is improvement of B&CC "Billmaster" administration quality.


Update of the billing system "Billmaster" in OJSC "Yamaltelecom" Ц expansion of capabilities and increase of service quality for subscribers


The company has completed the project on updating and migration to the new version of the billing system "Billmaster" in OJSC "Yamaltelecom".


Integration of the billing system (B&CC) "Billmaster" with the platform IPTV Minerva at "Moldtelecom"


"Inline Telecom Solutions" completed a project on expansion of "Billmaster" functions at "Moldtelecom", thus having ensured integration with the software and hardware complex Minerva xTVFusion.


Expansion of the billing solution functionality in "Mega Line" Ц more new and modern services for subscribers


"Inline Telecom Solutions" completed the project of expansion of Billmaster functionality in the company "Mega Line", by adding support of Cisco ISG technology.


"Soyuz-Telecom" chooses the billing system Billmaster for provision of Internet access services using the Mobile WiMax technology


There was successfully completed the project of implementation and launching of the billing system (B&CC) Billmaster for the telecoms operator "Soyuz-Telecom". The billing system Billmaster will let the operator provide to its subscribers broadband internet access services more flexibly and with high quality using the Mobile WiMax technology, and be ahead of its competitors.


Migration of B&CC Billmaster to a new hardware platform in "Sakhatelecom"


There were successfully completed works on migration of the billing system Billmaster to a new hardware platform in the company "Sakhatelecom", which will help to ensure the required performance and quality of provided services.


Sochi telecoms operator "Business-svyaz" chooses the billing system from "Inline Telecom Solutions"


The project of (B&CC) Billmaster implementation in LLC "Business-svyaz" was successfully completed. The new billing system will let the company offer to its subscribers flexible tariff plans with account of personal discounts for provided services, and develop possibilities of usage of additional services.