OSS Storemaster

Interaction with B&CC Billmaster

The system of technical accounting and monitoring Storemaster is an effective instrument for monitoring of B&CC Billmaster functioning. For this purpose Storemaster is distributed with a preset configuration, intended for interaction with Billmaster.

Storemaster configuration includes interaction drivers, a set up resource catalogue and other required objects. On the basis of information about functioning of Billmaster graphical monitoring means are updated, and automatic failure alarming is performed, including sending of e-mail notifications.

For purposes of B&CC Billmaster monitoring the Storemaster catalog has the item Billing System. Its nodes correspond to subsystems and modules of Billmaster and contain their performance indexes.

In respect to Billmaster monitoring tasks, resource catalog nodes have different purpose:

  • nodes correspond to subsystems and modules of Billmaster;
  • lower level nodes, which ensure interaction with Billmaster subsystems;
  • lower level nodes, which ensure preparation of data for statistic reports;
  • metric nodes, which ensure examination of properties for value validity.

Node statuses serve for visual alarming about failure of subsystems and modules, to which nodes correspond. In normal condition node names are green, and names of nodes in failure status are red. A node preserves its status until it is changed by a driver.

Drivers interact with related systems and perform other actions, such as: alarming about failures, examination of properties for value validity, preparation of data for reports. One driver, or rather a driver profile, can be assigned for each node. In profiles input and resulting driver parameters are associated with names of node properties. It is driver profiles, not drivers directly, that are assigned for nodes.

In the Billmaster monitoring configuration there is provided a number of statistic reports, which graphically show changing of subsystems performance indexes in the course of time. Preparation of data for graphs is ensured by report nodes, drivers of which periodically take current subsystems functioning indexes and record values into the Storemaster data base. As a result, for each report node there is formed and array of historic data about operation of the corresponding subsystem.