OSS Storemaster
Purpose and application field

The system of monitoring Storemaster belongs to the OSS class and can be used by telecoms operators separately or as part of the operating activity complex.

The system is designed for online monitoring of statuses of different resources, like:

  • network appliances;
  • computers with server functions;
  • data transfer channels;
  • data arrays (DBMS and files);
  • RAM processes.

Flexibility of setting allows to use the Storemaster system for monitoring of any resources, the information about which can be obtained over open interfaces and protocols. The system provides collection of data over HTTP, Telnet, RADIUS, SNMP, SSH, DBI protocols and in other ways. For monitoring of specific resources the number of supported protocols can be increased.
The Storemaster system is capable of automatic analysis of the information about resource statuses. On the basis of analysis there is performed alarming about faults, errors, unavailability of resources. It is possible to examine the data received for compliance to values range. This allows to generate signals when resource modes change to abnormal ones before faults happen.

Due to visual monitoring means there is ensured quick detection of a resource, which caused an alarm, as well as finding alarm causes (fault, error, abnormal mode, unavailability of resource) and importance of these causes for other resources.

Storemaster has a basic set of technical accounting functions and helps to visually account any countable resources, physically existing, as well as abstract ones, for example IP-addresses.

Function indexes

Function indexes include the number of accounted resources and time of response to resource failure. The number of accounted resources is conditionally unlimited and depends on scalability and performance of the Oracle data base server, which controls storage of these systems.

The minimum time of response to resource failure is 3 min. from the moment of failure to generation of a notification by e-mail and graphic alarming. The average failure response time is 5-9 min. and depends on system settings. Response time is also affected by specific information and technical infrastructure, into which the system is integrated.

Functional characteristics

The Storemaster system allows to keep a hierarchical catalog of resources. Catalog nodes correspond to resources cumulatively and their parts. For example, a catalog node may correspond to a RADIUS-server, and daughter nodes — to a log file and a data base, in which a RADIUS-server records different information in the course of operation.

The major part of Storemaster functions is realized with the help of drivers. Without them a system represents a static catalog of nodes, properties of which are set by the personnel. In this variant the system can be used for technical resource accounting, but not for monitoring. Drivers run automatically with specified intervals and perform the following functions:

  • receive from nodes properties parameters of connection to resources (IP-addresses, port numbers, logins and passwords);
  • connect to resources via SSH, HTTP, SNMP, DBI, RADIUS, Telnet, Ping protocols, check operability of resources, obtain quantitative and qualitative operation indexes;
  • record received and processed data in node properties;
  • check node properties for compliance with values range;
  • change node states, which characterize operability of corresponding resources (UP or Down);
  • send failure notifications by e-mail;
  • make records in event logs;
  • collect statistic information about the number of failing resources.

According to results of drivers work the system performs the following actions:

  • failure alarms, for which purpose it highlights with red those nodes, which correspond to inoperable resources (a node in Down condition);
  • forms diagrams, which show the number of operable and failing nodes;
  • on personnel’s request forms the list of failing and operable nodes, and nodes, for which drivers are not assigned.

The system has the following technical accounting functions:

  • registration of resources in a hierarchical catalog by creation of a node or a hierarchy of nodes for the whole resource and for its subsystems;
  • establishment of connections between nodes, which reflect physical and logic relations between resources and their parts;
  • graphic displaying of connection of a node to other nodes at any nesting level;
  • separate connection accounting, where they are independent catalog nodes (this allows to account data transfer channels, highlighting in them twisted pairs or subscriber lines);
  • interface display of the information about connections to external information systems.
Operating characteristics

Personnel may access Storemaster through an intuitive interface. It can be in the Russian or in the English language. It is possible to get multiuser access from several work stations. The system has protection from unauthorized access. Each user has an account profile with an ID, password and a set of rights for work with system objects.