Qualitymaster system

Development of modern communication systems, changing over to NGN/IMS technology, implementation of differential tariffication principles these are the most active factors, that bring modern operators to the necessity to implement service level agreements (SLA).

The company Inline Telecom Solutions offers a complete solution for automation of SLA management processes and implementation of services with SLA, based on innovative business-process management (BPM) technologies and service oriented architecture (SOA).

The system of service quality control Qualitymaster is a fully functional hardware and software complex for SLA (Service Level Agreement) management it is developed for telecoms operators, who provide services in the segment of corporate customers. The Qualitymaster solution represents the first successful project of SLA management system development in the history of Russian telecommunications sphere.

The Qualitymaster system allows to increase efficiency of existing OSS components use due to their integration within SLA management process. The operator gets the possibility to set service parameters, control fulfillment of undertaken obligations, analyze process efficiency and manage SLA service using existing management systems within the cut-through process from connection of customer to correction of bills in case of SLA breach.

Qualitymaster features

  • Quality control is regarded as an additional service, and the SLA system itself as a platform for new services providing. There is used the SLA/SLM method: SLA is a new service, where the quality control is carried out not in a passive mode, but with the help of quality management subsystem SLM.
  • The basis of the system is formed not by probes and their functionality, but by those operational business-processes, which require quality control and corresponding reaction of whole system of operators organization.
  • Dynamic SLA implementation cycle the basis of SLA/SLM system adaptation to conditions of quickly changing market.
  • Reliance to the TM Forum ideology: in conditions of convergent communication systems development usage of the standardized TM Forum ideology is the only chance not to get knowingly "dead-end system", which needs to be rewritten at each stage of network or operators service development.
Advantages of Qualitymaster

  • Qualitymaster is a fully preintegrated software product. It contains a set of typical service templates, quality indexes, interfaces and has high flexibility and adaptivity to unique requirements of telecoms operators.
  • The system can be implemented stage-by-stage, having a complete functional at each stage.
  • Lower cost of the system and more flexible process of adaptation to customers requirements comparing to foreign analogs: the architecture uses high-level general purpose components and measuring probes of Russian origin of the company.
  • During development there were taken into account best achievements of similar foreign systems of world leading OSS/BSS and measuring equipment manufacturers. The system is realized on the basis of advanced architecture and use of generic components. It represents a synergy of knowledge and experience in the sphere of metrology, control and measurement means, OSS/BSS solutions.
  • Qualitymaster is a balanced system, which reflects diversified approaches: there are used such standards and methods as TM Forum, ITIL, IETF, ITU and ETSI.

The Qualitymaster system performs SLA monitoring and provides:

  • collection of performance indexes (KPI) and calculation of service quality indexes (KQI);
  • KQI control and notification of customers and users, including from other systems, on breach of SLA;
  • accounting of services and SLA customers;
  • drawing of SLA reports and their display in users personal profile.
Integration into existing OSS/BSS structure

Any telecoms operator has legacy management systems (Fault Management, Incident Management, Performance Management, CRM), a range of SLA management problems lie far beyond one system. The system Qualitymaster is designed and developed in such a way, that by means of the ESB bus it can be easily integrated in existing OSS/BSS environment of a telecoms operator.

The basis of Qualitymaster integration is the service oriented architecture (SOA) and open interfaces (WSDL/SOAP/XML). The Qualitymaster system can also be easily integrated with well-known systems Micromuse/Netcool, HP OV, HP SD, TTI Netrack and customers Web-portal of the operator.

SLA reports

Upon finishing of the reporting period there are formed customers SLA reports with account of real service quality values. Each report considers customers individual service quality standards, rules of index calculation and discounts calculation.

Optionally, typical SLA reports can be changed or new ones can be developed.

Results of Qualitymaster implementation

The following improvements result from implementation of Qualitymaster:

  • ARPU increase – possibility to increase the cost of services, quality control of which is performed in accordance with SLA of a customer in real time;
  • OpEx decrease – development and implementation of a product with SLA, which is supported by instrumental control means, regulations and procedures of a telecoms operator, means of automation of shift engineers and managers work;
  • differentiation – determination of control methods of service key quality indexes, which are critical for different types of service users;
  • automation – automation of regulations, procedures and processes of SLA management using flexible and scalable platform, the basis of which is formed by advanced technologies and innovative solutions.