DSLmaster system

Measurement technology and measured indexes

Data collection devices

Broadband equipment serves as a means of performance indexes (KPI) control:

  • network terminations ADSL (DSLAM);
  • network terminations FTTx/PON;
  • network edge switch routers metro-Ethernet;
  • WLL equipment.

In case of impossibility to control specific quality indexes from equipment within the system, it is allowed to use hardware probes and additional agents in equipment.

Data storage and processing devices

DSLmaster processes a large volume of measured data. Due to this reason collection, storage and processing of data is carried out in the form of distributed server system, including servers of intermediate storage and processing (collector-servers) and one or several central servers.

Number and location of servers of information collection and processing system are defined based on scales of the system implementation project.

Measured indexes

The system provides for selective measuring of key performance indexes (KPI) depending on installed program modules and implemented functions. Maximum configuration of the DSLmaster system ensures collection and processing of all key performance indexes, which are available on equipment, installed hardware probes or agents.

The table contains the full list of KPI, available to the system from DSLAM ADSL equipment.

Name  Description and comments
Port IDDSLAM port number
STATE-CURLine state
ModeOperation mode of ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+/ReADSL
Pth Frame loading mode FAST/INTERLEAVE
Dn  Current speed down the line (Kbit/sec)
Up Current speed up the line (Kbit/sec)
Max-DnMaximum speed down the line (Kbit/sec)
Max-UpMaximum speed up the line (Kbit/sec)
NM-DnNoise level margin down the line (dB)
NM-Up Noise level margin up the line (dB)
ATN-DnSignal attenuation level in the working band down the line (dB)
ATN-UpSignal attenuation level in the working band up the line (dB)
POWER-DnInitial power down the line
POWER-UpInitial power up the line
BTA Bits на тонеTable Bit-Tone-Allocation – table of 512 tones with an index
CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) – checksum error down and up the line
FEC(Forward error correction) – redundant FEC code error up and down the line
ES(Error Seconds) – error seconds
SES(Severally Error Seconds) – seconds which are severely error
UAS(Unavailable Seconds) – channel unavailability seconds
BlkES(Block Error Seconds) – block error seconds
LOSS(Loss of Signal Seconds) – loss of signal seconds
# of SyncNumber of synchronization attempts
iesProblemCauseCause of the problem
adslAtucPerfLossATU-C performance loss
adslAturPerfLossATU-R performance loss
LCable length estimation
TypeSubscriber pair type

Volume and list of KPI of specific projects depend on realized functionality of the system, as well as on types of BBA equipment and the level of openness of their software management interfaces. The process of system structure coordination includes coordination of the KPI list and index polling period.

Partitioning of indexes and creation of quality indexes

In the system there are widely used key quality indexes (KQI), which represent transformed performance indexes. KQI use allows to optimize work of analytics and operators, who use the system, so the system can be used by mid-level specialists without additional technical skills.

KQI represents the new generation of service quality indexes. Generation of KQI is determined by configurable (depending on the DSLmaster system functional) KPI partitioning algorithm. Partitioning algorithm of each KQI can be configured in accordance with peculiarities of realization of this or that system function.