DSLmaster system

Architecture review

DSLmaster is a Java application on the Java EE platform. Interaction between components is based on cross-platform interaction standards SOAP\XML, Web-services, JMS. Due to SOAP\XML there is possible integration of the system with third-party applications, realized on platforms other than Java.

On the upper level the system consists of the following components:

BPM servers Servers of Jboss/WebLogic applications, which provide necessary functions for development and fulfillment of business processes. Physically a BPM-server consists of the processes server and processes performance server. MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 are used as DBMS.
Customer servers Third-party systems of customer, integration with which is performed either by means of a common ESB bus, or directly. Particularly, customer’s information systems provide information about subscribers.
Master ESB domain\Regional ESB domain A set of distributed components controlled by ESB (for third-party systems of a customer, as well as for BPM-servers). It looks as a set of services, which are accessed by way of JMS and/or SOAP bus.
DSLAM Subscriber lines access multiplexors. Data for further calculation of key performance (KPI) indexes is taken from multiplexors.

Components of the system interact with each other by way of a common bus, sending JMS messages to a broker. A broker fulfills content-based routing. The next sections contain more detailed description of core components.