DSLmaster system
Purpose and functions of the system

The system DSLmaster is intended for the following classes of tasks:

  • Ensuring of reliability of broadband access network segments and increasing of service quality. The following system functions belong to this class of tasks:
    • interaction with network equipment for collection of data about condition of such network segments as ADSL, FTTx, PON, CATV, WLL;
    • creation of quality indexes about condition of network segments on physical and channel levels;
    • forecasting evaluation of quality indexes, which will be reached after implementation of resource-intensive services (for example, IPTV).
  • Differential tariffication based on service level agreements (SLA). The following system functions belong to this class of tasks:
    • interaction with B&CC Billmaster for correlation of data about services with network segments quality indexes;
    • making of reports about services quality, about scheduled preventive works, making of a consolidated report on SLA.

In order to carry out specified tasks DSLmaster interacts with B&CC Billmaster, as well as with components of the operational support system (OSS), with LAN technical accounting system and subscribers accounting system. These relations are shown on the next diagram.

Interaction with B&CC Billmaster

Integration with Billmaster allows to join the information about service prices with data about network segments quality, which makes possible differential tariffication on the basis of service level agreements (SLA).

System structure

DSLmaster consists of two subsystems, which correlate with two classes of solved tasks, namely: operational subsystem and SLA monitoring subsystem.

Operational subsystem ensures control and management of quality indexes of broadband access segments and includes the following modules.

Performance indexes control moduleProvides control, recording and processing of data about service quality indexes for each subscriber.
Broadband segments control modulesThese modules collect data about quality indexes of ADSL, FTTx, PON, CATV, WLL segments. Collected data are then transformed into the internal format of the system, which ensures unification of processing.
Cable quality control moduleUpdates the information about subscribers cable system on the basis of quality indexes, received from broadband segments control modules.
Modeling of new broadband servicesAllows to predict the broadband network behavior resulting from implementation of resource-intensive services, which are demanding in respect to subscribers lines.

SLA monitoring subsystem is designed for differential tariffication and personification of services. The subsystem includes the following modules.

Module of reporting according to quality indexesProvides making of reports about quality indexes of services provided.
Module of reporting according to reliability indexesProvides making of reports about planned preventive works and creation of fault descriptors.
SLA unified reportDisplayed on the news page of the portal and is available to operator, as well as to subscriber.

DSLmaster composition also includes components, which ensure interaction with the following OSS-systems:

  • subscribers accounting system;
  • LAN technical accounting system;
  • Fault Management system;
  • Trouble Ticketing system;
  • resources inventory system;
  • resource management system (Provisioning).