Web-portal BISA (Built-In Service Activator)

Built-In Service Activator (BISA) represents a web-portal for authentication and ISG services management, developed on the basis of the Change-of-Authorization (CoA) interface.

The BISA portal allows ISG-service subscribers to independently control their service profile through a convenient and intuitive web-interface. Services, available to subscribers, are determined at the authentication stage. A part of them is connected automatically after authorization, and some can be activated manually.

Redirection to the portal can be done in two ways, which are determined by network equipment settings:

  • by way of direct addressing (hand input of URL portal in the browser address bar);
  • in case of redirection of an http-session by network equipment (when the corresponding equipment configuring is done, all non-authenticated sessions will be redirected to the portal). Thus, when an URL of a resource, which is unavailable for the given session, is typed in the address bar, redirection to the portal happens. If a session is not authorized, there will be displayed a form for login and password. After successful authentication the requested resource will be opened. If access to this resource is disabled, then after successful authentication there will be displayed the list of available services. It is required to connect the resource access service and then try to open the required URL again.

Users can perform the following actions on the BISA portal:

  • Authentication (entering of user’s login and password);
  • Disconnection of active services;
  • Connection to services, which are available for activation;
  • Obtaining information about service statuses;
  • Browsing of statistics on services connected during the current session.