B&CC Billmaster

Global directory subsystem

The Global Directory System (GDS) realizes a unified storage of reference data within a company (enterprise). A unified data storage of a company contains consolidated information and covers the needs of all its subdivisions, which require this information. Sources of data are different systems, distributed among branches, particularly data bases of different billings.

Global directory subsystem

The structure of GDS components is split into two parts:

  • internal systems, located on the application server;
  • applications, which are located within the Oracle 10g DB server on the corresponding data base server.

Thus, GDS operations with data sources amounts to operation of the following components:

  • data source;
  • file loader of imported data;
  • GDS data base.

For interaction with the source of external data a special subsystem was developed. This subsystem is designed to support the protocol of B&CC Billmaster interfacing with the Global directory system (GDS), which performs data synchronization for transfer of information about the subscribers base to B&CC.

Interaction happens over the filing protocol. B&CC, in this case, serves as the data Source. Periodicity of data uploading from the DBMS, in accordance with schedule, is once a day (determined by clients needs). Data are loaded into GDS through a DPA (Dynamic Pointer Array), which are arranged in such a way, that the time for binding increases very slightly as the table sizes increase.