B&CC Billmaster

Dynamic batching subsystem

Cumulative campaigns are the part of subscribers loyalty programs and they consist in provision to subscribers of different bonuses and discounts for services depending on their volume.

A certain difficulty in realization of cumulative campaigns in automated billing systems is presented by the so called cross-discounts, when discounts for one service are given upon accumulation of a certain volume of usage of another service. For example, cross-discounts between services of cellular communication and broadband access to the Internet. The difficulty lies in the fact that different types of services are tariffed in different billing systems, and in order to use discounts their integration is required.

For realization of dynamic batching mechanism there was developed an integration pattern of B&CC Billmaster and the Billing information system (BIS).

Due to dynamic batching, subscribers, who are connected to the cumulative program, upon spending of a certain sum for ADSL services dynamically (in real time) get a discount for GSM services.

For realization of a discounting mechanism there was performed integration of B&CC Billmaster and the Billing information system (BIS). This means that authentication, authorization and tariffication of broadband Internet access services are carried out in B&CC Billmaster, and accounting of GSM services, and balances of subscriber persona accounts are controlled in BIS.