B&CC Billmaster


With the help of reports the information from the data base is presented in a convenient form for studying and analysis. Reports are divided into the following categories:

  • Financial. Give the idea about financial relations with customers and partners, about financial condition in general, contain the information for fiscal bodies.
  • Statistic. Provide generalized information, recorded during authorization of customers and service providing. They include reports about distribution of traffic according to customers, traffic zones, about distribution of calls according to telephone zones, etc.
  • Analytic. Analytic reports about efficiency of these or those partners, about allocation of payments according to tariff plans, etc., are made of a combination of financial and statistic information.
  • Card reports. They provide the information about payment cards, about card packages, about sale and use of cards.
  • Network resources reports. Give the information about available and used ports of network appliances, dedicated IP-addresses, location of appliances.
  • Report builder (User reports). Report builder gives the possibility to make selections from the data base and form results as reports online. This function allows to get different data selections, which are not presented in standard reports of Billmaster. By means of report builder you can form online SQL-queries and save them in the database as "Materialized view" (Oracle Materialized view) objects. A user can get the information about a saved query at any time. The mechanism of report making is based on usage of XSL-transformations to XML-file, obtained in the result of SQL-query execution. Users can independently create XSL-templates and use them to from reports.

Billmaster makes reports in the form of html-pages, and can also save them as MS Excel files.