B&CC Billmaster

Tunneling protocol authorization module

This module extends possibilities of the leased lines module, allowing to organize access to the Internet with establishment of VPN-tunnels. Usage of VPN has the following advantages:

  • customers receive services only after authorization;
  • dynamic distribution of IP-addresses is supported;
  • an object-session is created in Billmaster for each VPN-session, and this allows to control customers activity, as well as set the maximum allowable duration of sessions;
  • usage of logins and passwords increases network security.

During establishment of VPN-tunnels RADIUS-authorization of customers is performed. Then customers can transfer traffic into an external network and receive traffic from it. Collection of information about traffic is performed in the same way as in the leased lines module with the help of collector programs. When CDR-packages arrive, the cost of traffic is calculated based on traffic zones and schedules.