B&CC Billmaster

Switched lines module (Dialup module)

Switched lines module is designed for control of access to the Internet via switched channels (Dial-up). Functions of the module perform authorization of customers on connection to network access servers and service tariffication. The module allows to serve regular customers, as well as those who register with payment cards.

Interaction between the access server and Billmaster happens over the RADIUS protocol. Security of transferred data is ensured by symmetric-key encryption.

For purposes of early disconnection of customers from the access server Billmaster can send commands over the SNMP protocol.

Switched lines module (Dialup module)

During authorization the maximum possible duration of sessions is calculated. Calculation is influenced by personal account balances, as well as by some other configurable parameters. The calculation result is sent to the access server, which automatically controls the maximum duration of sessions and disconnects customers.

Below is the list of authorization options, supported by the switched lines module.

Authorization by ANIPhone numbers, identified with the help of ANI, can be used for authorization of customers. This lets customers not to enter login and password, if they call from pre-specified phone numbers.
Authorization restriction by ANIMakes authorization more stringent: besides required entering of login and password, customers are allowed to call only from pre-specified phone numbers.
Authorization restriction by DNISMakes authorization more stringent: besides required entering of login and password, customers are allowed to access the service only via pre-specified phone numbers of access servers. Such restriction can be used in case, when an access server has several phone numbers. You can set, for example, that one of the numbers is used for providing of Dial-Up services, and another one for VoIP.
Multi-login controlIt is possible to set the maximum number of simultaneous sessions for customers. In this case Billmaster controls simultaneous sessions, so that they did not cause overrun of funds on personal accounts.
Usage of encryption methodsPassword of PPP-customers can be sent in the text format (PAP method), or be encrypted (CHAP method).
Setting of the maximum session durationThe module allows to set directly the maximum duration of sessions for each customer individually, or for the access server.
Special customer authorization settingsThe module supports flexible authorization setting due to the possibility to set individual values of AV-pairs.

Below are the possibilities of the dial-up lines module with respect to tariffication:

  • Service costs are set taking into account tariffication schedules according to time segments. Tariffication of incoming and outgoing traffic is also possible.
  • Duration of sessions can be rounded up to the closest specified interval (to one minute, to 10 seconds, etc.). There can be also set minimum and non-tariffed duration.
  • Volume price coefficients allow to change service cost by time for each customer individually. Coefficients used depend on the total duration of customers sessions for the whole period.
  • The module allows to charge subscription fee and make one-time charges.