B&CC Billmaster

Roaming module

This module is intended for accounting of services, provided to customers outside the "home" network. Customers receive such services in networks of third party operators on the basis of roaming agreements. In this case third party AAA-servers redirect authorization requests to Billmaster, which must correctly calculate the maximum duration of sessions.

The cost of services outside the "home" network is set by a third party operator and can be higher than the cost of similar services in the "home" network. In case of cost overrun, the "home" operator will have to pay the overrun sum to a third-party operator at his own expense. In order to avoid this, calculation of the maximum session duration shall be based on the same prices, which a third party operator uses for roaming customers.

The roaming module ensures replacement of a tariff plan for services by a special tariff plan with higher prices, which include the cost of roaming services. Replacement happens automatically, if a customer, registered in Billmaster, tries to receive services in a third-party operators network.