B&CC Billmaster

Traditional telephony (PSTN) module

Traditional telephony module (Fixed telephony module) is designed for calculation of call costs in public switched telephone networks (PSTN). The information about duration and direction of calls is generated by equipment of exchanges sent to Billmaster as CDR-packages.


Blow is the list of tariffication possibilities:

  • Calculation of conversation costs based on telephone zones and tariffication schedules.
  • Charging of subscription fee.
  • On-time charges.
  • Rounding of conversation duration.
  • Volume price coefficients.
  • Partner fees.
Other capabilities of the module

Below is the list of other capabilities of the module:

Flexible identification of subscribersSubscribers can be identified by phone numbers, trunk numbers, trunk-group numbers, combinations of a phone number and a trunk-group. For identification can also be used IP-addresses of exchange servers.
Phone number format conversingFormat of phone numbers can be conversed with the help of PCRE-expressions, which set the rules of such conversing.
Search of the closest telephone zone with the set priceIf the cost of calls is not set for a telephone zone, Billmaster can use the cost of the closest similar telephone zone.