B&CC Billmaster

Payment systems integration module

Payment systems are any methods of payments, including payment systems, which accept payments on-line, as well as bank transfers (via the Internet-bank system). The module of integration with payment systems is designed for interaction with such payment systems, and is used for replenishment of personal accounts of subscribers in B&CC Billmaster.

B&CC Billmaster supports acceptance of payments from the leading external payment systems:

Integration of Billmaster with payment systems allows:

  • customers of telecoms operators to pay for services at any time, due to a broad system of payment acceptance (payment terminals network) and use a service immediately after payment;
  • service providers to get complete information about transferred funds in real time.

Interaction of Billmaster with online payment systems is supported at the level of API-interface of such systems.

In order to connect to payment systems it is required to conclude a contract and install a subscribers identifier, which helps to identify correspondence between a payment and a customer, to account of which the money shall be entered. For all systems the customer identifier can be:

  • service login;
  • personal account number;
  • additional account identifier (description).

Due to flexibility and scalability of B&CC Billmaster it is possible to integrate it with other external payment systems.