B&CC Billmaster

Multicast IPTV support module

Multicast IpTV support module is designed for arrangement of paid TV broadcasts in the mode of group mailing Multicast. The module ensures automatic blocking/unblocking of customer access to paid TV broadcasts. For this purpose IGMP-message filters are installed on network commutators, to which customers are connected directly. The IGMP protocol (Internet Group Management Protocol) is intended for subscription of customers for multimedia group mailings.

Multicast IPTV support module

When funds on personal accounts of customers are insufficient Billmaster sets up the commutator in such a way, that IGMP-messages are being blocked and are not forwarded to the router. Such blocking denies customers the opportunity to subscribe for TV broadcasts. Unblocking means that filtration will be disabled and subscription for broadcasts will be possible.

When IGMP messages are enabled, the interaction scheme looks as follows.

Multicast IPTV support module

Authorization is performed simultaneously with connection of customers to the network. If a customer is identified and the function of paid TV broadcasts is available to him, Billmaster confirms authorization.

Simultaneously with authorization Billmaster sets the IGMP-message filter on the commutator. If authorization is successful the enabling filter is set, in case authorization fails – blocking one. Further actions of authorized customers are not controlled.

Tariffication in the Multicast IpTV access support module is represented by the following functions:

  • One-time payments for connection of services.
  • Charging of subscription fee.
  • One-time charges.