B&CC Billmaster

Leased lines module

The leased lines module is designed for accounting of traffic of customers, who have persistent connection to the Internet through a leased line.

In order to get the information about traffic there are used external collector programs. They interact with network appliances over NetFlow, SNMP, Remote Shell (RSH) protocols and record the information into files, which are placed into special directories. Billmaster periodically checks these directories and processes new files with CDR-packages.

The next picture shows the scheme of interaction with network appliances through the use of collectors.

Модуль выделенных линий

The cost of transferred information is calculated in traffic-zones section. The module allows to flexibly set prices according to zones taking into account time segments from tariffication schedules.

The following tariffication schemes are used in the module.

Regular tarifficationThe cost of traffic is calculated and charged from personal accounts of customers regularly upon receipt of CDR-packages. Subscription fee can also be charged.
Post-paid tarifficationThe volume of traffic is accounted during the whole billing period, but the cost is calculated and charged upon expiration of such period. There is taken into account the size of the subscription fee, as well as the volume of prepaid traffic, included into the subscription fee.
Prevailing traffic tarifficationThis method is characterized by accounting of traffic according to two traffic zones only (usually one zone represents incoming traffic, and another one – outgoing). During the specified period the cost of traffic for each zone is regularly calculated. But the cost is charged from personal accounts only for one zone, which has the largest (prevailing) volume of traffic from the beginning of the period. Zone with the lower traffic volume is ignored. Upon completion of the period final calculation is performed, during which a zone with the biggest traffic volume is selected, and the final cost is charged from personal accounts.