B&CC Billmaster

Automatic request processing module

The module is designed for processing of orders for connection to the Internet by way of leased lines or DSL and disconnection from it. Orders can be registered by Billmaster personnel or customers through a web-interface of statistics server. An automatic follow-up control is performed in respect to each order.

The module organizes automatic data exchange between Billmaster and technical services, which connect customers. Exchange is carried out in XML or text format. Messages can be delivered by e-mail or by shared directories.

Orders for connection of new customers or for resource deallocation of customers, who are no longer serviced are submitted to technical services. Technical services return messages about connectivity, stages of work, connection or disconnection. Based on technical services messages order statuses automatically change, and operators make decisions about making contracts with new customers.

Technical services can be distributed geographically, particularly be located in different cities. The module allows to identify territories by area codes and PBX numbers. During registration of orders customers give their phone numbers, and the module selects a technical service, which is bound to this territory, and send the order to it.