B&CC Billmaster

Order Management System (OMS)

Order Management System (S) module is designed for automation of new customers (individual persons and legal entities) connection to services with the help of the mechanism of independent registration of orders by potential customers. The system registers orders for connection to services and their disconnection, as well as orders to deal with problems, related to provision of services to subscribers.

The order management system module allows telecoms operators to:

  • ensure quick connection of new customers;
  • increase the quality of service and loyalty of existing subscribers;
  • control activities and evaluate efficiency of telecoms operator divisions works during processing of subscribers orders;
  • accumulate statistics of subscribers addresses for further analysis and decision-making;
  • eliminate losses and delays during processing of customers orders.

OMS module automates connection of new customers to telecoms operators services (internet, telephony), disconnection from services/changing of service parameters, as well as processing of orders-addresses to the technical support service.

Functionality of the OMS module allows to:

  • register orders by external links (for example, through a Web-site of a telecoms operator), through the interface of B&CC Billmaster operator, through the "Personal profile" of a subscriber;
  • use built-in scenarios of processing of orders-addresses to the technical support service, orders to enable/disable access to services for legal entities and individual persons;
  • create individual order processing scenarios;
  • take into account the hierarchical structure of an organization in B&CC Billmaster;
  • automatically allocate orders to corresponding divisions, which operate the subscribers address;
  • use flexible system of setting rights and roles of system personnel;
  • get full control over fulfillment of a subscribers order (escalation procedure with notification of interested persons by e-mail);
  • organize testing of technical personnel availability (at the stage of order submission to the technical department);
  • draw the required package of documents (contract, work-order);
  • store all documents, related to an order;
  • automatically create the required set of objects in B&CC Billmaster at the stage of subscribers connection;
  • use a flexible system of order reporting;
  • store the history of subscribers orders, carry out quick search of an order, switchover from an order to service, on which an order was created.

The system arranges automatic exchange of information between B&CC Billmaster and technical services, which are involved in providing of services to customers. During each stage of order processing it is possible to inform a subscriber about the course of his order processing.