B&CC Billmaster

IP-telephony modules

Packet transmission of voice messages via IP (Voice over IP, VoIP) protocol has different variants of application: from connections inside an office, to provision of trunk and long distance communication services to customers. The parties and equipment used depend on the variant selected. In the first variant customer calls are serviced by the office call exchange IP-PBX. In the second variant there are used access servers with voice ports and other equipment.

During arrangement of IP-telephony there are solved such tasks as customer authorization, obtaining of information about call duration, tariffication. However, there arise other specific tasks, such as: service management by way of a voice menu, accounting of transit voice traffic.

Billmaster has two add-on IP-telephony modules:

Voice over IP module is used to serve end customers. The module of transit IP-telephony allows to account voice traffic of partner-operators.