B&CC Billmaster


Functions of B&CC Billmaster can be divided into basic and optional. Basic functions, characteristic for most of telecoms operators, include the following:

Registration of customers and accounting of legal relationsRegistration of customers, contract accounting, creation of personal accounts, allocation of services, establishment of partner relations between customers.
Financial operationsReplenishment of personal accounts by cash funds, by non-cash transfers, by payment cards. Drawing up of invoices, bills, payment orders, acts of provided services, reconciliation reports. Accounting of promised payments.
Collection of information about servicesCollection of information about services over the RADIUS protocol and by way of CDR-packages import. Registration of total volumes of services for a period and usage of volume-price coefficients.
Customers authorizationIdentification by logins and passwords, by PIN-codes, by phone numbers. Simultaneous connections management (multi-login).
TarifficationSetting of tariffication schemes, setting of prices for services. Setting of schedules, telephone zones, traffic-zones. Creation of counters and setting of volume-price coefficients. Setting of partners fee.
Service access controlAutomatic and manual control of "Service" objects statuses. Disconnection of customers via the SNMP protocol and by sending RADIUS-requests to POD and CoA.
Generation and accounting of payments cardsGeneration of cards packages, usage of cards for one-time access to service and for personal accounts replenishment, programs for accrual of bonuses to customers for usage of cards.
Monitoring and auditKeeping of monitoring logs, logs of operators actions, generation of graphic reports.
NotificationsSending of notifications about system events by e-mail

Basic functions are intended for solution of tasks in two spheres: interaction with network appliances and financial and legal relations with customers.

Basic objects of B&CC Billmaster 

The sphere of financial and legal relations includes such objects as "Customers", "Personal accounts", "Contract", "Contract", the sphere of technological interaction with network appliances – such objects as "Access point" and "Service". Objects "Tariff plan" belong to both spheres and are a link between them: with the help of these objects services are rated, and total sums are charged from personal accounts.