B&CC Billmaster

Core module

The core module is the basis of Billmaster, its presence is vital for systems functioning. Other modules and additional options extend function of the core module. Below is the list of core module main functions, and further is given their short description:

  • object model setting;
  • creation of a domain hierarchy, which reflects multi-branch organizational structure of providers;
  • financial accounting;
  • report making;
  • payment cards generation;
  • monitoring and audit;
  • sending of notifications.
Object model setting

The core module allows to create and set up the model of information and organization environment, in which Billmaster operates. Objects of different types are branches, customers, personal accounts, network appliances, services, tariff plans. Besides the mentioned objects, other objects can be created in the core module. Their description is given in the in-line documentation.

Financial accounting

Functions of financial accounting ensure control over customers finances: from entering of funds into personal accounts, to charging of funds for services and drawing up of documents. In the core module there can be formed bills, payment orders, acts of provided services, reconciliation acts, invoices (for services, advance payments, currency rate differences, corrections).

Report making

In the core module there can be formed financial, statistic, analytic reports, which allow to get the information about different aspects of service providing and customer relations.

Payment cards generation

Payment card packages can be generated in the core module. For this purpose there are created identification codes of cards, which can be printed and submitted to the printing office. Functions of the core module can be extended by connection of the payment card dealers module (see Payment cards dealers module).

Monitoring and audit

The core module has logs of monitoring and audit of personnels actions. Graphic reports allow to visually display session statistics.


Notification system sends messages about occurred events to personnel and customers by e-mail.