B&CC Billmaster

According to criterion "cost - efficiency" and scalability feature B&CC Billmaster is one of the best programs in the market and can be used by small as well as large telecoms operators.

Billing and customer care system (B&CC) Billmaster – is a module type convergent billing program. It is designed for accounting and tariffication of almost all types of telecommunications services, provided by modern telecoms operators, for networks with capacity of up to 10 mln. customers..

Advantages of the billing system Billmaster

Main advantages of Billmaster are:

  • wide range of instruments for integrated establishment of effective relations with customers and telecommunication resources management;
  • presence within the automated billing system of the required number of effective tools, which contribute to increase of customers’ loyalty, decrease of their attrition, continuous monitoring of technical condition of service equipment, etc.

Optimality of this automated billing system is formed not only by functional and technical billing possibilities, but also by the cost of its purchase and further keeping.

B&CC Billmaster is used by telecommunications service providers for solution of tasks in the following spheres:

  • financial and legal relations with customers, customers registration, execution of contracts, financial resources accounting, organization of financial resources and reports, generation and accounting of payment cards;
  • interaction with network appliances. Collection of data about services from network appliances and different equipment, authorization of customers through the RADIUS protocol, processing of CDR-packages, tariffication, availability management, roaming;
  • related accounting, accounting of available and used network resources, organization of technical support service, integration with external financial systems.

Billmaster uses universal ways of collection and processing of billing information, which allow to interact with many types of network appliances. Owing to this fact, the automated billing system Billmaster will satisfy different telecoms operators, such as:

  • dial-up Internet providers;
  • broadband channels telecommunication service providers (DSL, Wi-Fi), who use an intelligent gateway of service selection (Cisco ISG) or with establishment of VPN-connections;
  • IP-telephony operators, including those who record transit voice traffic of partner-operators;
  • operators of public switched telephone networks.

The automated billing system Billmaster is the open source software (SW), which makes telecoms operators independent from SW provider’s services. At the same time, a team of professional developers of B&CC is always ready to help with realization of specific functions, which are needed for a telecoms operator.

The multimodule structure of Billmaster allows providers to form an optimal billing solution, which in the best way meets its requirements and needs in terms of telecommunication services management, generation of reports, fulfillment of accounting tasks. If some modules are not needed for your purposes, the system cost will decrease.

Integration with products of other companies, or with SW, used by a telecoms operator, can also be easily carried out.