Billing & Customer Care Billmaster

B&CC Billmaster – is a modern certified convergent billing system, designed for Internet-service providers, multimedia broadcast operators, and operators of fixed and IP-telephony.

B&CC Billmaster was developed on the basis of many years’ large experience of telecoms operator centers operation, it conforms to advanced standards and justly occupies the leading positions in the Russian market of modern automated billing systems for telecommunication services.

B&CC Billmaster combines the following functions:

  • possibility of integration into complex solutions due to support of different interfacing protocols;
  • high-efficiency processing of billing information, which comes through the RADIUS protocol as CDR-packages;
  • flexible ways of customers’ authorization; unlimited number of tariffication schemes;
  • simplicity of setting through the Web-browser.
Web-portal BISA (Built-In Service Activator)

Built-In Service Activator (BISA) – is a web-portal for authentication and service control for ISG-services users. At the BISA portal service subscribers may enter authentication data (login and password), and can independently connect to or disconnect from available services.

The BISA portal has a range of advantages to similar products:

  • dynamic update of policy through CoA (Change-of-Authorization);
  • support of work with several Cisco access points;
  • customization of web-interface templates;
  • flexible filtration and displaying of service names;
  • multilanguage support (Russian and English localizations).

The BISA portal increases comfort of work for users and flexibility of service providing, which is an additional advantage in struggle for customers’ loyalty.

OSS Storemaster

The StoreMaster system is designed for network resource management in companies of any levels. The system is oriented not only to the telecommunications market, but also to a large number of corporate customers, who require accounting and organization of network IT-resources (infrastructure). The system can be supplied together with B&CC Billmaster, and as a separate product, which can be integrated into other systems by way of API-interface. When using the StoreMaster system together with B&CC Billmaster an operator gets the possibility to bind the billing process operations to resource conditions within a unified web-interface of B&CC Billmaster operator.

The system performs the following functions:

  • keeping of an unlimited number of telecoms equipment types;
  • keeping of the equipment hierarchy;;
  • keeping of a geographic hierarchy;
  • geographic binding of equipment;
  • keeping of the catalog of equipment communication types;
  • keeping of equipment communications within the system, as well as with external objects;
  • keeping of equipment parameters changing history;
  • collection of parameters from equipment with the help of dedicated drivers, connected to the built-in API;
  • notification and other actions with the help of the built-in API in case of equipment status change (for example, in case of malfunction).
DSLmaster system

The system of broadband access service quality control DSLmaster provides proactive control of broadband access services provided and allows to solve such tasks as:

  • assurance of reliability of Broadband network segments and increase of service quality;
  • differential tariffication based on service level agreements (SLA).

In order to fulfill the specified tasks DSLmaster interacts with B&CC Billmaster, as well as with components of the operations support system (OSS), with the LAN technical accounting system and subscribers accounting system.

Integration with Billmaster allows to link the information about service costs with the information about the quality of network segments, which fact makes possible differential tariffication on the basis of SLA.

This software product allows the operator to:

  • plan the quality of provided services;
  • continuously control the quality of provided services;
  • introduce new services to the market, based on their actual quality factors;
  • plan network and cable infrastructure development and upgrading works;
  • use differential tariffication of provided services, on the basis of SLA.
Qualitymaster system

The service quality control system Qualitymaster – a full-functional hardware and software complex for SLA (Service Level Agreement) management – is designed for telecoms operators, who provide services in the segment of corporate customers. The "Qualitymaster" solution is the first successful project of a SLA management system development in the history of the Russian telecoms sector.

The Qualitymaster system allows to increase the efficiency of use of existing OSS components due to their integration within the SLA control process. The operator gets the possibility to set service parameters, control fulfillment of undertaken obligations, analyze process efficiency and manage the SLA service, using existing management systems within the cut-through process from connection of a customer to account adjustment in case of violation of SLA.