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This page contains the catalogue of current marketing materials with short description and printable .pdf files.

B&CC Billmaster marketing materials

Brief description of B&CC BillmasterBrief description of B&CC Billmaster (2,08 Mb)
Description of the general structure and modules of B&CC Billmaster, fields and reasons of application.
General description of B&CC BillmasterGeneral description of B&CC Billmaster (4,64 Mb)
This document contains generalized information about the billing and customer care system Billmaster, it describes the structure of the system, roles of information objects, functions and reports. Description depth meets the minimum requirements for familiarization with B&CC Billmaster. (The document can be provided by an additional request).
Description of changes in B&CC BillmasterDescription of changes in B&CC Billmaster (0,44 Mb)
This document describes changes in B&CC Billmaster according to versions, contains short information about improved and added functions, new utilities, modules, subsystems.