"Inline Telecom Solutions" participated in the forum "Infokom-2012"


"Inline Telecom Solutions" became one of the sponsors of the Forum "Development of infocommunications in Russia amid changing to the information society", Infokom-2012 (Moscow, February 27-28, 2012).

Forum organizers, OJSC "GIPROSVYAZ" and CJSC "Expo-Telecom", defined the main goal of the event in the following way to analyze current condition of the sector, identify the driving power and constraining factors of its development, as well as show and discuss solutions, which contribute to transformation of Russia into the true information society.

In his speech "Transformation of BBA operators service architecture modification of approach to service formation as a survival strategy" Andrey Savchenkov, deputy of the general director for technical development at "Inline Telecom Solutions", considered possible options to keep the balance between investments and profit of telecoms operators.

The speaker attracted attention of attendees to the situation on the BBA market, as it becomes more and more complicated. Today we face true market "glut" with low-price offers, based on provision to subscribers of unlimited high-speed access to the Internet. Availability of unlimited tariff plans and snowballing growth of use of resource-intensive network applications will soon result in exponential growth of traffic. And this, in its turn, will force operators to make additional investments (which grow in a curve, which is close to the traffic growth) into increase of communication networks performance.

Such state of things, if the current tariff policy is preserved, can result in significant decrease in profitability of the operators business. According to Mr. Savchenkov, the situation can be changed by transition of telecoms operators from selling channels to their subscribers to provision of services to them. The latter can be implemented due to the use of modern technologies of deep traffic analysis and control of applications traffic, first of all DPI (Deep Packet Inspection), flexible approaching to tariffing and ensuring of QoE (Quality of Experience).