Inline Telecom Solutions supports and develops comprehensive partner relations with leaders of the world information and telecoms technologies market.


Our company occupies an active position in the information technologies market, participating in work of different associations. Successful experience and practices of the company allow it to contribute to development of the Russian IT-market.

Vendors Ц hardware and software

Inline Telecom Solutions develops its own technological expertise largely due to stable and mutually beneficial partner relations with world leaders in the sphere of IT and telecommunications. Partners of the company are foreign and domestic producers of equipment and developers of software systems, as well as highly tailored suppliers of engineering solutions.

Business partners

Within development of our products and solutions in the sphere of billing systems our company constantly works on expansion of its presence in the Russian as well as in the International market. Cooperation with leaders of the telecoms market offers the possibility to strengthen competitive positions during implementation of complex projects and offer bundled services to customers.