About company

Inline Telecom Solutions, which is the part of the ITG (INLINE Technologies Group), – is a developer and supplier of solutions for telecoms operators. The company specializes in development, supply, installation and service maintenance of telecoms operator networks; implementation of platforms for provision of telecoms services; implementation of telecoms operator business support systems; development and implementation of billing systems.

Inline Telecom Solutions is the leading Russian telecoms integrator and it occupies the leading positions in the sphere of creation and maintenance of telecommunication systems for telecoms operators and service providers.

Inline Telecom Solutions was founded in September 2006 on the basis of the telecom solution department of INLINE Technologies in the result of reorganization of its business.

History of the Company

In 2001 in the company INLINE Technologies there was organized a subdivision, the purpose of which was to work with telecoms operators and providers of telecoms services the department of telecommunication solutions. Thus, INLINE Technologies started to conduct more active business in the telecommunications market segment in the sphere of IT-services provision, as well as in the sphere of industry solution development. To work in the department there were invited commercial and technical specialists, who had working experience in the telecommunications market segment.

The head of the department became Evgeniy Petrov, who earlier hold the position of commercial director in the telecoms company DirectNet Telecommunications.

At that point there was formed a team of professionals, which after 5 years of successful project realization in the telecoms sphere, received the status of an independent company. Today Inline Telecom Solutions is one of the few system integrators in Russia, who work purposefully in the telecommunication sector. The company is developing very quickly in accordance with market requirements and offers to operators the most advanced and actual solutions and services for creation of telecommunication services in modern communication networks.

Company profile

The mission of Inline Telecom Solutions on the telecoms market is enlargement of peoples possibilities and enhancement of operating efficiency of organizations through provision to them of new infocommunicational services by providers, which are created based on the companys solutions.

The profile clients of Inline Telecom Solutions are operators of fixed, mobile, wireless and satellite communication, as well as suppliers of services of data processing and content-service centers.

Customers of Inline Telecom Solutions include: companies of the "Svyazinvest" holding, "RTComm.RU", MTT, MTS, "VimpelCom", "Golden Telecom", "MegaFon", "IskraTelecom", "Comstar OTS", "Arktel", "Rosnet", "Sinterra", "SMARTS", "Central Telegraph" and many other leading telecoms operators.

Focusing on work with providers of infocommunicational services, Inline Telecom Solutions tries to deeply understand specifics and requirements of their business. Due to this fact the company can offer advanced integrated solutions for expansion and increase of efficiency of its clients business.

The basis of Inline Telecom Solutions products consist of:

  • backbone and transit network infrastructures;
  • wire and wireless broadband access systems;
  • intelligent new generation networks (NGN);
  • service supply platforms;
  • data centers;
  • operation support systems (OSS);
  • specialized engineering systems.

A separate direction in Inline Telecom Solutions business is development of billing solutions based on its own convergent billing system B&CC Billmaster, which represents a complete solution for operators of any level.