Business advantages

Provision of new, more profitable services, which is always important for any telecoms operator, requires large technical possibilities and solution of non-trivial business tasks. However companies often face the fact, that innovative and diverse services and tariff plans they develop cannot be realized on the existing billing infrastructure.

The most important task in the current market environment is finding of a balance between the necessity to decrease costs, retain existing subscribers and increase the average revenue per each subscriber (ARPU). Success on the highly-dynamic telecoms market can be achieved only by companies, which have unbeaten capability to monitor in real time returns and payments, including taking into account growth of cooperation and volume of operations between partners.

Modern billing systems must have such functional possibilities, which allow to realize different marketing initiatives and business-scenarios, because this is one of the key competitive advantages in current conditions.

Inline Telecom Solutions offers the best in its class billing solution Billmaster which allows to manage provision of services in real time, apply different billing schemes (advance, credit, combined), which can be integrated with third-party software solutions, and which is scalable, reliable and highly efficient.

Are you looking for a single solution, which supports different tariffication schemes?

B&CC Billmaster, is the best solution in its class concerning performance and reliability, it unites advance (prepaid), credit (postpaid), as well as combined tariffication schemes. All this, as well as the capability to control in real time charges of money from personal accounts, their instant replenishment, usage of promised payments and trust thresholds allow to increase subscribers loyalty and decrease non-payment risks.

Do you need to quickly implement an innovative tariff policy?

Technologies, used by Inline Telecom Solutions allow to quickly learn methods of work with B&CC Billmaster, and detailed documentation, interactive educational videos and consultation of technical support service engineers allow to solve tasks, related to realization of operators tariff policy, in the shortest possible time.

Partners is this the key component of your business?

B&CC Billmaster has an interconnected model, which reflects advantages of relations between subscribers, partners and an operator. This model allows to see in real time receipt of funds and costs of services provided to subscribers, who are connected to partners, as well as guaranteed payments to partners, and as a result allows to analyze profitability in respect to each partner. All this allows to carry out reasonable partner policy and manage profits.

Are you looking for quick return on investments (ROI) and low capital costs?

The answer to this topical question is in the module structure of B&CC Billmaster. You can use only those functions, which you need at the moment. Billmaster allows to increase flexibility of a system already in use or create a fully functional complete billing solution. Scalability of the solution is performed in accordance with company development dynamics, which fact helps to decrease capital costs and allows to get quick return on investments (ROI).

Is your goal reduction of operation costs?

With B&CC Billmaster an operator can carry out individual marketing and tariff policies, without interfering into the network infrastructure and additional expensive modifications of program code. New price models of provided services can be jointly developed by the commercial service and billing operation service, and then fully realized in B&CC Billmaster with the help of existing functions without additional improvements, thus significantly decreasing the time for launching of new services, as well as billing solution operation costs.

Advantages of software producst from Inline Telecom Solutions

One of the core tasks, which many companies, including telecoms operators, face nowadays, is obtaining and usage of possibilities of software solutions for getting revenues, and more importantly profits.

Inline Telecom Solutions offers fulfillment of this task by joining intelligent, flexible and high-performance billing, innovative portal solution, functional OSS-system, an all other software products, which harmoniously complement each other.

All this allows to:

  • increase business flexibility, in particular make the best in the market service offers to subscribers;
  • quickly respond to changing trends in the Telecoms market;
  • develop and grow, never thinking about scalability and performance possibilities of the billing solution;
  • use complex solutions from one supplier, decreasing the cost of ownership;
  • use only the most modern technologies, which fact is ensured by constant development of companys solutions and their integrating with the most advanced equipment;
  • gradually move from simple "calculators" to a complex billing solution, using flexibility to satisfy only necessary requirements to billing;
  • guarantee low cost of ownership due to using high performance on affordable server equipment, and low operation costs during usage of solutions.