Billing (B&CC) Billmaster for successful telecommunication companies

B&CC Billmaster is a modern certified convergent billing system, designed for mid-size and large telecoms operators, who provide services of access to the Internet, multimedia broadcasts and telephony. Moreover, the billing system based on B&CC Billmaster is an excellent choice for corporate customers to perform internal resources accounting

B&CC Billmaster is one of the best billing programs and contains a complete set of instruments for providing and accounting of telecommunication services. Billing was created based on many years experience of billing systems operation by telecoms operators, and for a good reason occupies the leading positions in the Russian market of modern billing systems. High efficiency of the system Billmaster guarantees maximum use of the network infrastructure possibilities without changing the current processes and rearranging the architecture. B&CC Billmaster has wide functional capabilities, which allow to increase customers loyalty due to provision of unique high-quality services at competitive prices.

Modular structure of Bill-Master allows deploying the system with such set of modules, which most closely meet the requirements of providers with regard to telecommunication services, generation of reports, and other billing and accounting functions.

Main advantages of B&CC Billmaster are: flexibility and efficiency; billing universality and reliability; high performance of the billing program, its scalability and integrability.